Water playground in Drenthe | De Berenkuil
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Water playground

The greatest water playground in The Netherlands

The brand new water playground at De Berenkuil, the opening of which is planned around the time of Ascension, offers unending fun in the water for the children! The water sprayers are sending water in every direction, turning the place into a great adventure for the little water fans! The spray park allows the kids to run, play, dance and make lots of new friends. You'll be able to keep a close eye on the children from the benches around the playground, as well as take some great vacation photos as special mementos for later.

  • Opening of the spray park: Ascension 2019

Did you know our spray park refers to Drenthe?

  • The sand-colored subsoil to the Drenthe sandy grounds
  • The creek to the meandering rivers and brooks of Drenthe
  • The boulders to the boulders left during the Ice Age and the dolmens
  • The flowers and animals to the diverse nature in Drenthe
  • The beach ball to the wonderful holiday feeling at De Berenkuil

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