Animal Park Wildlands

Animal Park Wildlands consists of six 'theme worlds', three of which are climate worlds. From the Kompasplein you can travel to the three climate zones Jungola, Serenga en Nortica. Via Serenga, you can reach Animazia, a 'children's world' that consists of a large indoor playground including a Mayan Temple, Pirate Ship, Maze, and various animal enclosures.

In addition to the classification by climate zone and theme, Wildlands distinguishes itself by offering various shows, attractions, and the virtual absence of visual barriers between animal and guest. Three animal species are depicted in the park logo, and are the 'icons' of the theme world in which they are housed; Asian elephant (Jungola), lion (Serenga), and polar bear (Nortica). Wildlands Adventure Zoo in Emmen is only half an hour away by drive from De Berenkuil (26 km).


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