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Climbing Park Grolloo

Climbing Park Grolloo

Outdoor Climbing Park

The beautiful Outdoor Experience Park is located just outside of Grolloo, on a unique location around recreational lake De Kleine Moere. In the beautiful Climbing Park (10 years and up) situated between the trees, 6 paths have been created, varying between 2 and 10 meters in height. 76 obstacles, and a whopping 725 meters of zip-line are waiting for you. At least, if you dare. The longest zip-line is 200 meters long, and from a 10-meter height, runs almost completely over the water. If you haven't had enough, then you can continue with the Sensation (13 years and up), a tower in the water with 9 challenging obstacles.

For children up to 10 years old, there is Little Climbing Park. In addition to the sunny terrace on the water, there are activities in and around the lake, such as archery, climbing walls, canoeing, and a survival track. All of this is less than a fifteen minute bike ride from De Berenkuil.


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