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Indoor playground

Indoor playground

Indoor playground Drenthe

The indoor playground consists of two areas, one specifically meant for the very smallest (up to five years of age), the other mainly aimed at children between six and ten years. The indoor playground will make the children feel like they're in a real jungle, full of trees and tree houses all interconnected by exciting rope bridges. Indoor playground Tippedoki is located at camping De Berenkuil in Grolloo. Grolloo can be reached in fifteen minutes by car from Assen, in 35 minutes from Groningen and in 50 minutes from Zwolle.

Normal opening hours

  • On Wednesdays from 12:00 to 17:00
  • On Saturdays and Sundays from 10:00 to 17:00

During vacation periods, public holidays and other special events, Tippedoki may be opened on other days as well. When this is the case, we will communicate it via this website and our Facebook page.

Entrance fees

  • The entrance fee for a playing child is €5.00
  • Parents and/or guardians pay no entrance fee
  • Entrance is free for guests of our camping

From September 30th to March 29th, the entrance fee includes unlimited lemonade. Grilled sandwiches, panini sandwiches, "poffertjes", ice cream as well as cold and hot beverages, among other things, are available for purchase at the vending point in Tippedoki. Guests are not allowed to bring refreshments with them to consume inside.

Unlimited play time with a subscription

Unlimited play time from September 30th to June 29th on the days on which Tippedoki is opened is possible using our play subscription. The fee for this subscription is €30.00 per playing child. The subscription is personal and cannot be transferred. The subscription includes unlimited lemonade between September 30th and March 29th.


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