1. 5-star ANWB campsite
  2. Over 25 playgrounds
  3. Outdoor swimming pool and playing pond

Camping in Drenthe

Are you looking for a campsite in the heart of nature in Drenthe? Then our car-free, and child-friendly ANWB campsite is the ideal holiday destination. You will stay on spacious camping pitches in Drenthe, that are part of a 55 hectare nature reserve, characterized by juniper, forest, and heath. We try to disturb this green environment as little as possible. That is also why party tents, garden gnomes, and conifers are not allowed. The main roads at the campsite are paved, but the other sand paths reinforce that ultimate camping feeling, in the middle of the beautiful nature in Drenthe.

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Kampeerplaatsen in Drenthe(2)


Kampeerplaats met privé sanitair

Drenthe, Grolloo

    Camping pitch

    Drenthe, Grolloo
    • own water tap
    • Water disposal
    • 10 amperes elektricity

    Camping in Drenthe at De Berenkuil

    Part of the 5-star campsite was covered with drift sand at the beginning of last century, which is why the terrain is still hilly today. Camping in Drenthe at De Berenkuil means enjoying yourself in a car-free environment, so hikers, cyclists, and children have plenty of space. Our 500 camping pitches are very varied; camp among the junipers with plenty of room to yourself, or enjoy your holiday on playfully arranged camping pitches with their own playground. All pitches have a water tap, water drainage, and electricity (10 ampere). Experience adventurous camping fun at ANWB and ACSI campsite De Berenkuil.

    Camping at De Berenkuil:

    1. View of the playground, or completely private
    2. Between the junipers, forest, and heather
    3. Sunny or shady
    4. Completely car-free
    5. Water tap, and water drainage
    6. 10 Ampere current
    7. Toilet buildings are always nearby

    What are your preferences?

    Natural location

    Camp among the junipers, with plenty of space to yourself.

    Playful fields

    Playfully arranged fields with a playground.

    Completely car-free

    Plenty of space for the children, hikers, and cyclists.

    Camping arrangements

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    Camping in Drenthe with swimming pool

    Comfortable camping in Drenthe is done at De Berenkuil, where you can feel the real outdoor life, but where luxury and comfort are always within reach. The toilet blocks are always nearby, and have underfloor heating, free hot water, and nice children's rooms with baby baths, children's toilets, and elevated children's showers. At De Berenkuil, there is no time for getting bored due to the many amenities. Camping in Drenthe with a swimming pool is something that everyone should do. Experience endless swimming fun in the outdoor swimming pool with with paddling pool and sunbathing area, but also at the play pond with a real Bear Castle.

    While the kids have hours of fun in indoor playground Tippedoki, or at the large outdoor playground, you can enjoy food and drinks on the terrace at Het Bommelhoes. At 7 p.m. the whole campsite relocates to the open-air theatre, because it is time for Beary Fun! Camping in Drenthe at De Berenkuil means fun for young and old! The beautiful surroundings are also perfect for hiking and cycling trips. After a day out, camping in Drenthe including a swimming pool, offers complete relaxation. After a nice splash in the outdoor swimming pool, you can unwind in your camper, caravan, trailer, or tent, in the heart of nature in Drenthe. That is a good time!

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