Forest Campsite | De Berenkuil
Campsite De Berenkuil
Nature Campsite Drenthe


  • Naturally situated camping pitches
  • Between junipers, forest, and heath
  • Lots of space and privacy

Forest campsite in Drenthe

Camping on a varied 55 hectare nature reserve, between junipers, forests and moors? Experience camping fun at forest campsite De Berenkuil. Years ago, the area where De Berenkuil is now was made up of forests and untouched nature. The many remaining junipers are what make the nature at our forest campsite in Drenthe so special. This rare species of conifer is a slow grower that has difficulty spreading, and is very vulnerable. That is why we try to disturb our green campsite as little as possible. Of course the main roads are paved, but there are plenty of natural sand paths left. You will find the Bloemenveld at the back of the campsite; not just one of our camping fields, but also a real nature reserve that you can stroll through. Because there is not too much lighting, you can enjoy the starry sky in the evening. The forest campsite is completely car-free, so hikers, bikers, and children have plenty of space, and so that the nature stays at its best. Experience the ultimate camping feeling in the heart of nature in Drenthe, between the junipers, with plenty of space to yourself. Taste the real outdoor life at our forest campsite in Drenthe.


Nature Campsite in Drenthe

Part of the 5-star campsite was covered in drift sand at the beginning of last century, causing the terrain to be hilly to this day. Partly due to this, you will stay on naturally situated camping pitches, that have a water tap, water drainage, and 10 ampere electricity. Do you want to experience the Berenkuil-feeling in a different way? Then stay in one of the accommodations, which are also surrounded by beautiful nature. In addition to beautiful nature, our nature campsite in Drenthe offers various facilities that complete your stay. Explore all 25 playgrounds, have water fun in the outdoor swimming pool, climb the Bear Castle in the playing pond, enjoy playing in indoor playground Tippedoki, or go wild at the multifunctional sports field. Enjoy food and drinks on the sunny terrace at Het Bommelhoes afterwards.

Wooded campsite De Berenkuil

To the left of De Berenkuil, you will find the freely accessible juniper area. Several sand paths will lead you to this area, that is inhabited by four sheep. Speaking of animals, you won't have to be very patient to spot squirrels, or to hear an owl at night. If you are lucky, you might even run into the family of deer that walk around at De Berenkuil. The nature campsite in Drenthe is part of National Landscape Drentsche Aa, and is located on the edge of Geopark de Hondsrug, where you can take beautiful hiking and cycling trips. Will you come by soon, to experience the beautiful nature in Drenthe, and spot various animals on and around the wooded campsite? We would love to welcome you!


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