Camping de Berenkuil

Pentecost Blues Arrangement

  • Camping in the nature of Drenthe
  • 8 minute walk to the Blues Festival
  • Spacious camping spots

Pentecost Blues Package at De Berenkuil

Come camping with us during the Blues weekend and extend the fun with the Pentecost Blues package which runs from June 7th, the Friday before Pentecost until Sunday June 30th for only € 350.

De Berenkuil is closest to the Blues Festival at about an 8 minute walk from the patio.

This Pentecost Blues Package can only be booked by telephone or at the reception desk.
Don't hesitate to call one of our reception employees: 0592-501242


On the way to a beautiful spot

On the way to a beautiful camping spot.

What do we offer?

  • Camping in beautiful Drenthe
  • A very fun Blues weekend with bands
  • Spacious camping spots
  • Including 2 people
  • 10 amps electricity
  • Including 75 kWh
  • Water tap
  • Water outlet
  • 8 minute walk from the Blues Festival site